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Our experienced professional music mentors will help you to develop your band and get you started on the road to success!

Classes focus on performance and musicianship.

Bands are put together by age, music style and level of ability.

Each band has a weekly rehearsal, working together to play and perform songs of their choice. The band members can also take a 30/45 or 60 minute weekly individual lesson to really advance their playing skills.

The bands perform at the Oslo Rock School Music Festival.


AGE 5-6

In this weekly fun-packed 45 minute class, your child will find out what it’s like to play in a real rock band while learning musicianship, technique and some incredible rock songs!

The kids in the band will learn to play on specially designed, REAL small-scale instruments - perfect for achieving positive results quickly.

What you can expect in an OSLO ROCK SCHOOL Junior Rockers class:

~ introduction to guitar/drums/bass/keyboards and singing
~ basic musicianship - taking turns, playing together, listening to each other
~ age-appropriate music theory - rhythms, melodies and dynamics
~music games and singing songs
~listening to and playing classic rock songs


AGE 2-4/3-5

A fun, creative and action-packed musical activity for your preschooler, designed by a Montessori pre-school professional.

Through live music, singing, clapping, dancing, playing real band instruments and stories we offer them opportunities to create and explore a wide variety of music in a safe and fun environment. We also start learning music theory and learn about rhythms and melodies right from the get go!

Classes are paced to keep your child’s interest while helping to develop their self-confidence and musicality. 

Kinder Rockers is currently offered in English with some Norwegian translation.


age 18+

The Soul Band is open to adults who have a desire to perform some of the greatest soul music ever written. This 2 hour weekly class will help you develop musicianship, gain a deeper understanding of harmony and song structure and the art of playing in a band.

Positions are open for all instruments - guitar/bass/percussion/brass/keys and of course singers.

At the end of the course, the Soul Band headlines the Oslo Rock School music festival.


AGE 18+

TUESDAYS 19:30-21:30

Rock Choir is a choir for everyone. Whether you've been singing with choirs for years or have never sung outside of your own shower, this is a friendly and motivated vocal ensemble. The repertoire focuses on classic rock and pop songs from the 1960s and up to the present day. 

At the end of the course, the choir performs with a live band at the Oslo Rock School music festival.

mAma zed

WEDNESDAYS 19.00-20.00


Join this exclusive beginner rock band class and ROCK OUT from DAY ONE! Here you will learn the basics of drums, guitars and keys with other mamas and form a band which you'll then perform with at the end of term show.

No previous experience necessary but it's awesome if you do have some prior musical knowledge.

The band meets once per week.

Book your place in the band after a consultation with us. You can always supplement your playing with individual lessons to fast-track your development!

The band performs at the Oslo Rock School Music Festival.


Time to dust off your guitar, find your drum sticks, warm up your vocals and start a band with other local dads. 

Meet once a week with one of our music mentors and fast-track yourselves into rockstar shape. Then finish the term by performing at the Oslo Rock School Music Festival.

Choose your own repertoire to play or follow the lead of our Rock and Roll teachers.

Beginners are welcome.



Whether you and your colleagues would like to inject a little fun into your work day and start a company band, or you'd like to take up an instrument.. why wait util after work? Join us in your lunch break instead!

One of our music mentors will guide your band from office to stage. This is a perfect team-building activity and an ideal way to get your colleagues ready for a party or event. Packages are tailored to your company's needs.

Find out more by contacting us.